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Pink Floyd

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Wildfire Acropora


Most Kept

Cali Tort

Steel Blue Stag

Frog Skin Acro

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Coral Species

Light Blue Stag

300 Acropora

Ace of Spades


After Party Acro


Anacropora forbes

Angel Cake Acro

Angel Dust

Angelina Acropora

Angry Birds Acro

Aqua Delight

Aquamarine Jewel

Aquarium City Red Millepora

Atomic Fireball

Aurora Acro

Aussie Berry Punch

Azurite Acropora

B 33 Bomber Acropora

Baby Blue Hokesmai

Badger Signature Acro

Bali Shortcake

Bali Tricolor Acropora

Barney Acro



Black Beards Treasure Acro

Black Widow

Blast From the Past Acropora

Bloody Mary Mille

Blooming Rose

Blue Acropora lovelli

Blue Avatar Acropora

Blue Bitch

Blue Blizzard Acropora

Blue Bottlebrush Acro

Blue Branching Acropora Coral

Blue Crush Tort

Blue Delicate Acro

Blue Devil

Blue Dreams

Blue Flame

Blue Goddess

Blue Grass

Blue Hoeksemai

Blue Lightning Horrida

Blue Matrix Acropora

Blue Octopus Acropora

Blue Polyp Nasuta

Blue Rainbow Milli

Blue Rocket

Blue Scepter Acropora

Blue Sunset Millepora

Blue Tip Acropora yongei

Blue Tip Green Slimer

Blue Tip Hoeksemai

Blue Tip Shaggy Acropora

Blue Tip Stag

Blue Tip Tabling Acro

Blue Valkyrie

Blue Voodoo

Blueberry Diesel Acropora

Blueberry Fantasy Acro

Blueberry Gum

Blueberry Kush

Blueberry Muffin

Blueberry Stars Acropora


Blustery Blue

Bonsai Acro

Bottle Brush

Braveheart Milli

Briar Patch Acro

Bud Bomber Pocci

Bull Frogs Acro

Cali Grape Vine

Cali Tort

California Blue Tort

Canary Killer Tenuis

Cancer Stick

Candlelight Acro

Candy Crush

Candy Flame

Captain Planet

Castells Banana Table

Category 5 Acro

Chemtrail Mille

Cherry Blossoms Acropora

Cherry Bomb

Cherry Pop

Childs Play

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Chop Suey

Christmas Mirabilis

Christmas Story Mille

Cielo Acropora

Commodus Acro

Coolers Champagne Acro

Coolers Turaki

Copper Acropora millepora

Cosmic Fury

Cotton Candy Tenuis

Cranberry Acro

Crayola Flower Table

Crimson Signature Acro

Crown Jewels Acropora

D Day Acro

Dark Knight Tenuis

Dark Side of the MOON

Day Tripper Acropora

DayGlo Acro

Death Widow Acro

Deep Blue Hoeksemai Acro

Deep Blue Millepora

Deepwater Delight

Deepwater Fantasia

Destiny Acro

Ding Dang Milli

Dingle Berry

Double Doozy Acropora

Dragon Fire Acro

Dream Catcher

Dream Catcher Acropora


Electromagnetic Mille

Enigma Acro


Ethereal Acropora

FHC Bali Tri Color

FHC Ice Crusher

FHC Icy Hot Mille

FHC Tropical Blast

Fiji Powder Blue

Fire Berry

Fire Cracker Acro

Fire Hazard

Fire Weed

Fireball Acropora

Firefly Acropora

Fireworks Acro

Flaming Flamingo

Flood Light

Fox Flame Acro

Freak of Nature

Frog Skin Acro

Frogskin Tortuosa

Frost Bite Millepora

Fruity Pebbles Acro

Funky Green Polyp

Funky Tricolor

Fuzzball Acropora

Fuzzy N Blue

Gabe Ritters Red Planet

Gadgets Exquisita Acro

Game Over Mille

Garf Bonsai

Garf Bonsai Acro

Gecko Green

Ginger Spice

Glow Light Acro

Golden Dragon Acropora

Golden Halo

Golden Lotus

Golden Sky

Golden Topaz Acro

Goldfinger Acro

Green Acro

Green Austera

Green Branching Acropora Coral

Green Bushy Acropora Coral

Green Deepwater Acropora Coral

Green Giant Acro

Green Goblet Acropora

Green Goblin Anacropora

Green Hawk

Green Hornet Acropora

Green Horrida Acropora

Green Jacket divaricata

Green Machine

Green Mamba

Green Mile

Green Selago Acropora

Green Slimer Acro

Green Stars Acro

Green Table

Green Tabling Acropora Coral

Green Thing

Green Titan Acropora

Green Velvet

Grizzly Adams Acro

Hanky Panky

Hawkins Blue Echinata

Hayfever Table


Heat Sink

Heaven and Hell Acropora

Hell Fire

Hell on Earth

Hell Raiser

Hellfire Acropora

Honeycomb Acro

Hot Lava Acropora

Hotzone Mille

Hugo Nasuta

Hulkster Acro

Ice Blue Acropora aculeus

Ice Fire Echinata

Ice Queen Acropora

Ice Tortuosa

Iceburg Acro

Indo Purple Tip Staghorn

Inferno Acropora

Inferno Milli

Jack Frost Acropora

Jade Dragon Acro

Jaw Jacker

Jesus Echinata

Jeweled Stag

Jilly Bean

Juggernaut Signature Acro

Juicy Fruit Acro

Julians Rainbow

Jumanjii Milli

Kamikaze Acro

Kentucky Bluegrass Acro

King Purp

Kiwi Abyss Acropora

Kombucha Tenuis


Lasers Americano Millepora

Lemon Drop Acro

Lemon Haze

Lemon Head Tenuis

Light Bright

Lightning Bolt Acro

Lime in the Sky

Limesicle Acropora

Lizard Licker

Luscious Acro

Magic Wand Acro

Maleficent Acro

Mango Garden Acropora

Mango Kush Signature Acro

Margarita Acropor

Mars Attack Acropora


Medusas Hair Acropora

Medussas Hair

Menchie Signature Acro

Miami Orchid

Micronesian Mauve Acro

Millepora Acropora, Blue

Millepora Acropora, Green

Millepora Acropora, Pink

Miyagi tort

Mother of Pearl Acropora

Mr Pacman

Mr Pacman Acro

Mr Yuck Acropora

Mumbo Jumbo


Needle in a Haystack

Night Stalker

Northern Lights

Northwoods Ice Sculpture Acropora

Northwoods Strawberry Shortcake Acropora

Nuclear Waste

Oakland A Paniculata

Oakland As


Orange Cream

Orange Machine

Orange Millepora

Orange Sherbert

Pacific Wave

Paletta Pink Tip Acropora

Paletta Pink Tip Stag

Palmers Blue Mille

Panama Red

Panticulata Acro

Papa Smurf Acro

Pastel Rainbow Nasuta

PC Rainbow

Peach Tip Sarmentosa

Peacock Feather Acropora


Phantom Acro

Pikachu Acro

Pill Pusher

Pink A Delic

Pink Acropora

Pink Blast Mille

Pink Dragon Tails Acro

Pink Elephant

Pink Floyd

Pink Highlighters

Pink Jade

Pink Lady Milli

Pink Lemonade

Pink Mamba

Pink Matrix Acropora

Pink Mist Mille

Pink Red Tabling Acropora Coral

Pink Smurf Tenuis

Pink Tip Acropora

Pink Tip Stag

Pinky the Bear Acro

Pixie Dust Acropora

Planet X

Plum Craz


Plutonium Green Milli

Plutonium Tenuis

Poison Berry Acro

Ponape Torch Staghorn


Princess Peach

Psycho Berry

Pumpkin Spice Signature Acro

Purple Acropora prostrata

Purple Blue Bushy Acropora Coral

Purple Bonsai

Purple Candle Acro

Purple Dragon Eyes Acro

Purple Forest

Purple Forest Acro

Purple Haze Granulosa

Purple Kush Acropora

Purple Limeade

Purple Mint Acropora

Purple Monster

Purple Multicolor Millepora

Purple Nana

Purple Pills

Purple Plasma

Purple Plum Acro

Purple Polyp nasuta

Purple Power

Purple Princess

Purple Rain

Purple Rose Acropora

Purple Simplex Acro

Purple Smoke Acropora

Purple Tip Nana

Purple Tip Stag

Radiant Horizon

Radical Red Stag

Rainbow Acropora

Rainbow Fusion Acro

Rainbow Loom

Rainbow prostrata

Rainbow Sherbert Acro

Rainbow Shortcake Acro

Rainbow Staghorn Acro

Raspberry Blast

Raspberry Dahlia Acropora

Raspberry Gusher

Raspberry Limeade Acropora

Raspberry Sherbet Tabling Acropora


Red Dragon Acropora

Red Oxide

Red Planet

Red Robin Acropora

Red Robin Stag

Red Shortcake Acro

Red Stag

Retina Blaster Suharsoni

Rising Sun Stag

Robins Egg Acropora

Roscoes Blue

Rose Millepora

Rotten Rose

Sandman Acro

Sapphire Milli

Scaly Stag

Scarlet Fever

Scripp Green Tip Stag

Seafoam Tenius

Serial Killer

Shades of Fall

Shaggy Dog Acro

Shenanigan Signature Acro

Shock Tart

Shortcake Acro

Show Piece Acro


Sky Blue Mille


Smurf Signature Acro

Snakehead Acro

Snoopy loripes

Sol Amarillo Acro

Solar Flare


Somewhere Over the Rainbow Mille

Sour Twist

Space Invader Mille

Spartacus Acro

Special Acro

Speciosa Acropora

Spring Fever Milli

Stawberry Shortcake

Steel Blue Stag

Sticky Situation Stag

Strawberry Fields Acro

Strawberry Haze

Strawberry Lemonade Acro

Strawberry Mint Acropora

Strawberry Wine

Stuber Staghorn

Sugar Rush Acro

Sulphur divaricata Acro

Super Blue Tenuis

Super Nova

Super Star Acro

Superfuzz Milli

Swamp Monster Acro

Sweet Fox Flame

Sweet Red Table

Tabling Acropora, Green

Tabling Acropora, Pink

Tabling Acropora, Red

Tangerine Twister Acro

Terra Nova

Terra Nova Acro

the Acro

The Blues Acro

The Flavor Parade

The Green Leviathan

The Real Deal Blue Echinata Acropora

The Shocker

The Unknown

The Vinh

The Vinh JR

Tickle me Pink

Tidalwave Stag

Tie Dyed Acro

Tierra Del Fuego

TNT Tenuis Acro

Totally Toxic Tenuis

Toxic Acculeus

Toxic Vapor

Toxic Venom

Tri Color Valida

Trifecta Acro

Tropical Twist Mille

Turquoise Lovelli

Turquoise Staghorn

Turquoise Tenuis

Twilight Acro

UC Strawberry Shortcake OG

Ultimate Miyagi Tort

Ultimate Stag


Upscales Microclados

USA Manny Pacquiao

Vato Loco

Venesian Acropora


Very Berry Granulosa

Vikings Revenge Acro

Vivid Rainbow Delight

Voodoo Majick

Walt Disney Acro

Westside Longhorn Acro

Wet Dream

Wet Thumb Fiji Rainbow

Wicked Orchid Acro

Wild Child

Wildfire Acropora

Willy Wonka Signature Acro


Wolverine Acro

Wonka Berry Acro

Woolly Green

Wow Factor Acro

WTF Acropora simplex

Yellow Fuzzy

Yellow Jacket

Yellow Tips

Yellow Tips Acro